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Naghmeh Kiumarsi


Naghmeh Kiumarsi

Naghmeh is one of the lead designers in the industry of women’s fashion ready wear in Iran. As a child, she was in love with painting and design. It did not take much time for her to decide what she wanted to be; she started her own design career at any early age and pursued it so far. She started sketching at the age of 5, learned embroidery at 12 and very quickly began learning the concept of fashion and design.

In 2003, Naghmeh launched her business and her first fashion line of scarf’s and manteaux’s. She is a third generation designer and gets inspiration from her 2500 years of heritage from her country Iran which reflects the textiles, patterns, calligraphy and poetry that speak the story of that heritage in her designs. Naghmeh is proud of her heritage and family.

Her collection attract many. In 2009, Naghmeh had a fashion show in Karlsruhe, Germany. Throughout the years, her avant-garde creations are gaining respect and acceptance worldwide.

She is a creative, dynamic and passionate designer who has alot of ambition in her soul and body. She inspires her peers and the youth of her country. Her atelier is her Mecca and her colleagues are part of her every lasting design and creations.

As a post modern designer, she compounds elements of tradition with modern arrangements and textures to get a fresh definition of Iranian women’s style. The passion for Iranian poetry can vividly be seen in her works, in form of calligraphy or illustration of poems. She is a master in blending colors to express her unique form and concept in her “inspirational” designs.

In 2011, Naghmeh met her agent who introduced her to Harvey Nichols, Gallery Lafayette and other boutiques in the UAE, as she was interested in becoming an international brand. Naghmeh presented eight pieces to Harvey Nichols and later presented her current collection (of scarf’s) to Gallery Lafayette who immediately secured an order.

Naghmeh has created an Abaya Collection, titled, “Black Swan”. She was inspired to design the collection for the Emirates. Dubai was an inspiration for the Abaya Collection, titled, Black Swan. Each piece was given delicate thought for it’s detailed symbolism. Naghmeh has given each piece a name that is a reflection of the Emirates and the feminine core nature of a women. The collection is show cased at USH Boutique in Dubai, UAE.

On the Humanitarian front, in 2008, Naghmeh made a design for the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) and continues to support international charitable organizations.

Naghmeh Kiumarsi is on her way to become an international brand. She is now working with European designers and participates in international fashion events.

In 2013 Naghmeh Kiumarsi, participated in a fashion show in munchen, germany called “Blue Orange Love.”

Fashion show exhibition – Edinburgh, Scotland (2015)

In May 2016, Naghmeh Kiumarsi designed and donated T-shirts for Mahak Charity with support children suffering from cancer.

In June 2016, Naghmeh Kiumarsi sponsored and designed the Uniforms for the Iranian National Womens Hockey team.