Diskokosmiko.mx Términos del Servicio

Disposiciones Generales

  1. Estos Términos del Servicio definen los términos de uso para las cuentas gratuitas para usuarios individuales (aquí referidos como "Usuarios") en el sitio web Diskokosmiko.mx (por la presente denominado "Sitio Web" o " Portal") y constituye un documento de Términos del Servicio para los Servicios Electrónicos en vista de las normas sobre la prestación de servicios electrónicos.
  2. El Operador del Servicio es Zoya Limited, una compañía con base en: Suite 9 , Ansuya Raíces , Avenida Revolución , Victoria , Mahe, Seychelles, que por la presente se refiere como "Administrador" o "Proveedor de Servicios".
  3. La página web Diskokosmiko.mx permite el almacenamiento e intercambio de archivos por parte de Usuarios con terceros. Como parte del Servicio, el proveedor ofrece un servicio que consiste en hacer disponible una infraestructura de TI para el intercambio de datos por parte de Usuarios. El sitio web está dedicado a la subida de archivos por los Usuarios (en unidades lógicas, denominadas "Colecciones"), que pueden ser utilizados más tarde desde distintas ubicaciones geográficas, a través de Internet, incluyendo compartir archivos con otros usuarios.
  4. El contenido puesto a disposición en el Portal está disponible para todos los usuarios de Internet. Sin embargo , solo los usuarios registrados pueden beneficiarse de todas las funcionalidades del Portal (por la presente: "Usuarios Registrados").

Los términos utilizados en los presentes Términos del Servicio tienen el siguiente significado

  1. Avatar - an image visually representing a User as an Embedded Object or Hosted File.
  2. Collection - basic Unit of Content in a User’s Account, allowing Hosted Files to be stored.
  3. Collection’s cover photo – an image visually representing a collection of Materials.
  4. Content Units - a basic unit which allows Users to publish content in the form of Materials. Specifically, Content Units are Collections where Users can store Hosted Files.
  5. User’s Account (also referred to as the Account) - websites within the Portal that are designated for a given Registered User, where information concerning this User is stored and presented. The User Account can contain Materials shared by Users, including Hosted Files added by them. The Account consists of Content Units which can include: the User’s Collections and Materials, in particular Hosted Files (in Collections of the Account).
  6. Materials - all texts, information, articles, compilations, pictures, graphics, multimedia materials (including files) and programs, as well as other content made available in electronic form by Registered Users on the Administrator’s servers for private storage or their publication (within the limits of the law and Terms of Service) on the Portal – both as Links and files (including, in particular, Embedded Objects and Hosted Files).
  7. Aggregated Materials - content provided to the Portal automatically (using so-called „robots”) from external sources, in particular news headlines from commonly available RSS feeds. Advertisement Materials can also have the character of Aggregated Materials.
  8. Advertisement Materials - Materials containing advertisement/marketing content delivered by Marketing Partners.
  9. Follow – a functionality that allows a User to follow another User’s Collection, which is presented in a special section on the User’s Account, with easy access and information about new files. The Follow section is visible for other Users of the Website.
  10. Abuse - all actions by Users that are contrary to law, these Terms of Service or good practice.
  11. Unauthorized Access - a User who uses an Account without being its owner, i.e. by using somebody else’s access data or by using any of the Portal’s content without permission to do so.
  12. Embedded Object - Materials in the form of objects embedded in the source code of Portal’s website by Users. This refers in particular to images, graphics, objects (film/clips), Flash, Java, and others.
  13. Marketing Partner - an Entity that co-operates with the Administrator, whose advertisement/marketing content can be published in the Portal or in messages sent to Users.
  14. Hosted File - Materials in the form of files uploaded onto the Administrator’s server by the User and hosted on Administrator’s server. Hosted Files are stored in logically separated Content Units called Collections.
  15. Portal (also referred to as the Website) - a collection of websites located in a given domain belonging to the Service Provider, owned by the Administrator, allowing for the publication of Materials on the Portal in order to publish them on the internet and share with other Users.
  16. Privacy Policy - a separate document regulating in detail questions related to the treatment of personal data and the principles of the privacy policy used for Portal Users, available under http://naghmehkiumarsi.com/privacy-policy
  17. User’s Profile (Profile) - all information concerning the User, including Account data which is collected and permanently registered by the Administrator in the IT system.
  18. Terms of Services - this document in its current form, available at http://naghmehkiumarsi.com/terms-of-service, constitutes the Terms of Service for Electronic Services in view of the regulations on providing electronic services.
  19. User - any individual entity or organization that uses the Website to publish and share files and/or download them, as well as to just browse (display) Portal content – regardless of whether this takes place with the use of a password, or whether the use of a password is not required.
  20. Registered User - a User who has registered by providing relevant (required in the registration form) data via IT sources available on the Portal, possessing a unique login protected by a password. Only such a Registered User can publish Materials on the Portal, including Hosted Files
  21. Logged In User - a Registered User who has logged in to the Portal with access data for the Account, in particular his/her own login and password.


  1. In order to register, a User needs to fill in a registration form by providing an email address, log in data (name under which the Registered User will be visible on the Portal), accept these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and then activate the Account through a link sent by the Administrator to the email address provided by the User.
  2. Registered User is granted access to full functionality of the Portal after submitting their log in details and password (thus becoming a Logged User).
  3. Following registration, the Account and User’s Profile are created for the Registered User. A Registered User can fill in Account information with their own data which can be changed or deleted at any time. The scope to which this data can be shared with other Users is defined in the Privacy Policy.
  4. The User can check the information made public for the Account by the Registered User.
  5. During the registration process or after having registered on the Portal, the User has a possibility of posting an Avatar for the Account. An Avatar must be in compliance with these Terms of Service, the law and good practice. The Administrator reserves the right to remove an Avatar or Collection’s cover photo should it violate these Terms of Service, binding legal regulations or good practice.
  6. By finalizing the registration process leading to opening of an Account, the User declares that he/she:
    1. has read and accepted without limitations the content of the Terms of Service;
    2. has read and accepted without limitations the content of the Privacy Policy;
    3. allows the Administrator to make the Account public, as well as to publish data (including the image) made public for the Account on the Portal’s websites, and accepts the fact that access to personal data, photographic images, Avatars, Collection’s cover photo as well as to other information made public for the Account can be granted to an unlimited number of Users except for the following data:
      1. email address;
      2. Account password;
      3. activation codes or other type of confidential access data.
    4. gives consent to the processing by the Administrator, now and in the future, of all personal data provided during registration in order to allow the Administrator to provide services available on the Portal;
    5. gives consent to the transmission by the Administrator of data submitted during the registration process to third parties, who will process the data in compliance with binding law.
  7. Providing personal data is voluntary, but necessary for full access to services offered on the Portal.
  8. The Account cannot be used for commercial activity or in support of this activity in any way. Commercial activity also includes publishing advertisements by Users in any Content Units functioning within the Website, as well as other forms of profiting materially from the Account.
  9. Every individual entity, as well as non-profit organizations has a right to open one Account on the Website, thus becoming its owner.

USO DEL PORTAL - servicios de alojamiento

  1. As part of the Website, the Service Provider delivers a service consisting of making available an IT infrastructure for data storage by Users. In particular, the Website is designated to, among others, uploading Hosted Files by Users to their own Accounts, which can later be used in various geographic locations, via the internet, including sharing files with other Users.
  2. By uploading the file into his/her own Account, the User takes full responsibility, within the scope of the law and these Terms of Service, for potential breaches of copyright and other rights related to storing and sharing the given file.
  3. Every Account on the Website has to be used actively, in particular by the User of the Account logging onto it at least once every three months, i.e. logging in using the owner’s password. Should this not be the case, the Service Provider is entitled to remove the Account or undertake other actions in order to free the Account’s name for other Users.
  4. Users can at all times resign from using the Account. Users have the right to resign from using the Website at any time, in particular if they do not accept further changes in these Terms of Service, by clicking on an appropriate link in the Account settings or by sending a request of data removal from their Account to the email address of the Administrator.


  1. Using the Website requires an Internet browser and enabled support of JavaScript, cookies and pop-up windows.
  2. The Website may contain Aggregated Materials. The Administrator does not have any influence on their content which is posted automatically by “robots”.
  3. By publishing any Materials within the Content Units available on the Portal, a Registered User declares that they are free of legal deficiencies and claims from third parties and that the User holds all rights related to the published content, including proprietary copyrights comprising the right to publish and distribute Materials in an online system, on the internet, the right to use images of third parties, as well as that these rights are not limited in any way to the benefit of any third party.
  4. Registered Users are fully and unlimitedly responsible for all Materials, Hosted Files and Avatars which they have made available on the Portal as part of available Content Units. If according to the User, a Content Unit breaches the law, Terms of Service or good practice, the User can notify the Administrator of this fact by using the „Report abuse” button located next to the Content Unit.


El Usuario se compromete a utilizar el Sitio Web de acuerdo con su finalidad, la normativa legal vigente, las normas sociales y morales, las disposiciones de estos Términos del Servicio y las reglas de etiqueta de la red, y en particular con respecto a:
  1. nombrar archivos publicados y añadir descripciones que son fieles al contenido real de los archivos,
  2. publicar materiales de carácter erótico o materiales que son por otras razones inapropiados para los menores de 18 años de edad, de tal manera que los menores de edad o personas que no quieran tener ningún contacto con este tipo de materiales no sean propensos a tener contacto de manera arbitraria con estos contenidos.
  3. utilizar el sitio web de una manera que no infrinja los derechos de otros usuarios,
  4. seguir con asiduidad los cambios en estos Términos del Servicio, disponibles en http:// naghmehkiumarsi.com/Términos del Servicio y estar familiarizado con ellos,
  5. abstenerse de publicar en los archivos de su Cuenta que sean utilizados como partes de sitios web o aplicaciones ejecutables.


The User is forbidden to:
  1. distribute, through the Account and Collections, files for which the User does not hold copyright or any other rights to publication and distribution on the internet,
  2. publish materials (websites, graphics, texts, audio and video recordings, etc.) containing unlawful content, in particular pornographic content, pornographic content involving children, animals or violence, materials promoting music and computer piracy, disseminating techniques for breaking data protection, viruses or the publication of other materials that are similar in content or function,
  3. publish content that incites hatred, whether ethnic, racial, religious or in any other context, or content that promotes fascism, Nazism or other murderous ideologies,
  4. disseminate through the Website content explicitly violating commonly accepted social and moral norms, as well as drastic content (e.g. showing scenes of executions, corpses and other such content),
  5. create Account and publish files with names that breach legal regulations, referring to words commonly acknowledged as offensive or breaching good practice, with this prohibition extended to descriptions of Accounts and files,
  6. impede the use of the Website by other Users, including interference in particular elements of the Website in an manner for which they were not intended,
  7. take actions having as a goal the decoding of access passwords of other Users, including attempts to guess passwords,
  8. publish scripts and executable programs on the Website or publish files which can interfere with the functioning of the connection, server or windows of other Users, in particular scripts activating the artificial download of files,
  9. download files from the Website in any way without the User previously visiting the Website, or in any other way falling outside of the methods anticipated as part of normal functioning of the Website,
  10. overload the server of the Website by generating excessive traffic on the Account or other actions falling outside of reasonable use of the Account,
  11. try to artificially position own Account on the list of recently created or recently visited accounts that is located on the home page of the Website,
  12. accepting payment to transfer or share part or the whole of the account (Unauthorized Access),
  13. publish in any Content Units available on the Portal any sort of private „regulations”, „disclaimers”, information on the limitation of liability by the User or other Users in any form or content,
  14. publish on the Website any file or content that includes the personal data of other people.


  1. The User is fully responsible for respecting copyright or any other rights related to storing, sharing and other forms of use of a given file.
  2. The User undertakes to, in the event of third parties taking legal action against the Administrator for the breach of any of their rights by the Materials published by the User through any Content Units available on the Portal, take the place of the Administrator in the case or take part in the case as a third-party respondent and take full responsibility for the costs of potential court proceedings, legal representation and adjudicated or agreed compensations in any eventual settlement.
  3. In the case of detection of a breach or attempted breach of the point VII.12 of the Terms of Service (Unauthorized Access), the Service Provider is authorized by law to calculate a contractual penalty of ten times the value of benefits accrued due to the breach.
  4. The breach of articles of the present Terms of Service can, according to the Service Provider’s discretion, result in a warning, blocking of public access to the Account, full blocking of the Account, removing particular files, limiting possibilities of use of particular services or functions of the Website, or deleting the Account together with all accumulated files. If the User has taken actions which are not prohibited by these Terms of Service but are, according to the reasonable judgment of the Service Provider, considered undesirable, the latter can inform the User by email of this fact and requiring that the said actions are stopped. Failure to comply immediately by the User constitutes a breach of these Terms of Service. In exceptional cases the Service Provider reserves the right to block public access to the Account, some files or a complete block of the Account.
  5. Inciting, facilitating or propagating methods of breaching or bypassing the provisions of these Terms of Service, as well as profiting from such actions, constitutes a breach of these Terms of Service.


  1. Within the scope of legislation, the Service Provider is excluded from liability for:
    1. all damages resulting from the way in which Users use the Website, as long as actions of Users do not constitute normal use of the Website in accordance with its purpose,
    2. any User’s damages resulting from abnormal sharing of files or inability to share files caused by such actions,
    3. results of third parties acquiring the User’s access password, as long as it was caused by fault of the User (e.g. by sharing the password with third parties by a client),
    4. sharing password or data with eligible persons according to respective legal regulations,
    5. information downloaded by the User from the internet and the results of their use by the User,
    6. damages caused by force majeure,
    7. all actions undertaken against Users due to their breach of legal regulations or the present Terms of Service, in particular for lockout of public access to the Account, full blocking of the Account, removal of particular files, limiting the use of particular services and functions of the Website or deleting the Account together with all accumulated files,
    8. potential damages related to the content of Materials,
    9. actions of User related to unlawful personal data collection and their treatment, in particular sharing it with unauthorized persons in a way that breaches the provisions regulating protection and treatment of personal data.
  2. As far as legally possible, the Service Provider reserves the right to:
    1. periodically switch off the Website without prior notice,
    2. immediately remove one or more files shared by User, as well as the whole Account without prior notice, in the event that a breach of provisions of these Terms of Service is confirmed,
    3. remove, in exceptional cases, some or all of the files stored on the Website,
    4. completely cease to provide free services, with prior notice being given to Users of the Website,
    5. remove Materials in the event that it is confirmed that they can breach the legally protected rights of third parties or that they breach good practice,
    6. transfer the rights and obligations related to the provision of electronic services on the Website to another competent entity.


  1. Todas las disposiciones de estos Términos del Servicio se pueden cambiar en cualquier momento por el Administrador por razones importantes.
  2. Todos los cambios de los Términos del Servicio se publicarán en un texto refundido de los Términos del Servicio del sitio web del Portal.
  3. En el caso de la no aceptación de los Términos del Servicio, el Usuario se obliga a terminar el acuerdo con el Administrador mediante la supresión inmediata de la Cuenta. De no hacerlo, se interpretará como la aceptación de los Términos del Servicio actuales.

Disposiciones Finales

  1. Toda la información sobre las violaciones de estos Términos del Servicio por los Usuarios deberán dirigirse a [email protected]. Las denuncias sobre incumplimientos también se pueden hacer a través de los formularios de contacto pertinentes que están disponibles en el Sitio web.
  2. Las quejas sobre los servicios proporcionados en el Sitio Web pueden ser enviadas a través del formulario de contacto correspondiente en el Sitio web o por escrito a la dirección indicada en el punto 1 de los presentes Términos del Servicio y serán tratados dentro de los 30 días siguientes a la fecha de su inscripción en el sistema o a la recepción de la carta.
  3. Ninguna disposición de los presentes Términos del Servicio se puede interpretar de una forma que limite los derechos de los consumidores en el cumplimiento de las normativas legales vigentes.
  4. Estas Condiciones del servicio entrarán en vigor el 20.01.2014.
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